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it’s been awhile…


what is a home? well, I’ve learnt that a home is a house that we live in and in this house we create loving memories, share smiles, pain, struggles. home is where we are true to ourselves. let’s stop pretending that home is a happy place; all the time.  let’s be honest with ourselves, it is a place where we insult those closest to us, break hearts, loose our temper, say hurtful things and of course all this aside from all the happy stuff. we tend to always talk about the happy moments, but what about the angry ones, the hurtful ones, the tortuous ones, the moments where we question our lives, our spouses, our children etc …. what about these moments?

“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."— Proverbs 31:26

January 2018, probably the most important month of my entire life, the preceding months possibly even more important than the most important month. a time of self learning, self healing, crying (lots of crying), loosing “friends", gaining friends and most importantly gaining God. why i never put him first before, i have no idea. You hear all these actresses  telling their stories about how changing their lives brought them closer to God and happiness and we dismiss this. we believe it’s the money, but do we listen to the regular women who tell their stories about finding God and finding happiness?

I’ve learnt something and I’d like to share it with you… give it to God and he will do the rest. ask once and he will deliver, keep a pure heart, mind and soul and you too shall find peace and happiness.  amen. 



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