A Lovely Journey


I have always been a humble woman. My Mother & Grandmother alike, have instilled in me good values. Throughout my years I have learnt so much from my ;mistakes, successes, my laughs, my cries, my happy tears etc..
Not every bad situation is always a bad one. Over the years I have dealt with disappointment after the other but somehow by the grace of the almighty, I have turned my disappointment into a life of appreciation. I have learnt how to make love, take love and give love.

Not every tragedy is a dark place, not every cry is a sad cry, not every try is a failure.
– a woman-

For my first post I thought long and hard about what I would write and how I would write it. How would I connect to my readers? I’ve asked myself… how deep do I dig, then I reminded myself that I am a woman and I can do what women do best, nurture and love  my first post. This blog was created because everyday I am  challenged by another woman, the lack of support for each other exists and we must do something about it. So I figured how about I create a platform where we can secretly and anonymously support each other by telling our stories, share our griefs and uplift one another.

This blog is about you. It is not about me. We are all alike and we all go through very similar circumstances, however it is how we make it through these circumstances that matter.



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